Turning a House Into a Forever Home

Turning a House Into a Forever Home You wouldn’t know it from the gorgeous results, but this project hit almost every bump in the road! Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you plan, double check, or even research, if things can go wrong, they will. Let’s start with the good stuff – this project was […]

Making the Best of It

Making the Best of It This project started out as a minor flood that turned into a beautiful home remodel. The homeowners had been wanting to update their home for quite some time and although this wasn’t planned for, it turned out even better than they had hoped! The home had a lot of red […]

Full Mid Century Modern Remodel

Wow, where do we begin!  This was a really fun (and really big) full mid century modern remodel project.  This home was in pretty bad shape and needed a total over-hall.  First off, we tore out all of the old electrical and rewired the whole house along with upgrading the electrical panel, we closed in […]

La Verne Fire Damage and Complete Custom Rebuild

The before and after of this home is almost unrecognizable!  After a laundry room fire, 90% of the house was burned, soaked, or affected by heavy smoke damage. With the extent of the damage, we had no choice but to rebuild it from the ground up. Beyond the damage caused by the fire, this craftsman-style […]

Full Transitional Rebuild

This family unfortunately went through the difficult experience of having a fire take place in their home. It was a long journey to bring things back to life but in the end the home not only got a full upgrade but we also increased the square footage by adding a room, we reconfigured the stairway […]

Hallway Storage Conversion – La Verne

I think most of us can agree that we need more storage and if we don’t need more storage, we’d love for our storage areas to look polished and presentable! This hallway conversion is the perfect example of not only creating more functional storage but also a really great focal point for this upstairs hallway. […]

Claremont Remodel

This project consisted of many different components, we’ve chosen to only highlight our favorites! To start, we fully remodeled the upstairs hall bathroom. First, we removed the wall and door that separated the vanity and tub areas, this allowed the bathroom to feel a lot more spacious. We also tiled from floor to ceiling on […]

Glendora Family Room Remodel

Wow!  Talk about a transformation!  This room literally went from night-to-day and was such a fun project to work on with our clients.  It may seems like all this room had was a change in flooring, paint and furnishing but there much more than meets the eye.  To start off this couple was not on […]

Rancho Cucamonga Water Damage and Remodel

What A transformation! After an unfortunate run in with a leaky dishwasher, this Rancho Cucamonga homeowner was faced with water damage affecting their floors, walls, cabinets, and counters. Though they weren’t exactly expecting to redo their entire kitchen, this water damage allowed for a great opportunity to brighten and update their space! After the demo, […]

Glendora Fire Damage

This was a big project!  This home was almost completely burnt due to a fire that started by a cigarette.  We essentially had to build it from the ground up.  This home hadn’t been remodeled or touched since it was originally built in the 60’s so although it was a very unfortunate event that took […]