Hallway Storage Conversion – La Verne

I think most of us can agree that we need more storage and if we don’t need more storage, we’d love for our storage areas to look polished and presentable! This hallway conversion is the perfect example of not only creating more functional storage but also a really great focal point for this upstairs hallway. Prior to this remodel, the hallway provided the homeowner with very basic upper and lower cabinets. No problem with functionality but also just didn’t say much for the homes aesthetic. We came in and created a great storage space while also adding a ton of personality to this basic hallway. Now, the homeowners have linen storage, open shelving to hold their book and photo collections, drawers for “all that random stuff” and lower cabinets to hold other odds and ends. Everything in this project was custom made for the space including the cabinetry and open shelving. The backsplash is a faux brick which also brings in more texture and personality!