Glendora Family Room Remodel

Wow!  Talk about a transformation!  This room literally went from night-to-day and was such a fun project to work on with our clients.  It may seems like all this room had was a change in flooring, paint and furnishing but there much more than meets the eye.  To start off this couple was not on the same page when it came to this remodel.   The wife was set on brightening the room and bringing a new whimsical feel to their living space.  The husband on the other hand was not trying to give up his dark and traditional den.  In the end, the wife ended up winning this battle and by looking at the photos you can see what a great victory that was!  Anyways, it was a good thing we decided to pull up the floor because when we did we realize that there was mold developing below the plastic lining in the subfloor.   This was not due to water damage.  We concluded that it was in fact due to the subfloor originally having moisture in it prior to being installed.  With the plastic lining acting as a barrier the moisture had no way of getting out, which caused the mold to develop.  We, along with the home owners couldn’t believe what we were seeing!  Moving forward, we removed all of the subfloor and had to do mold abatement.  Once this was all complete, we continued by filling all of the knots within the wood paneling.  This took over a week even with several crew members working together on it.  In the meantime, we helped our clients pick out the paint, sheen’s and the porcelain tile.  We suggested adding chandeliers over the pool table area and we are so happy they took our advice; they really add something special to this room.  Overall, this was a big project but with anything that requires dedication, the outcome greatly out-weighed the bumps along the way.