Water or Fire damage… now what?

Having the unfortunate experience of water or fire damage can be overwhelming!  We are experts in the field for putting your home back together no matter how big or small the loss.  What we find is most homeowners have never been in this position before and don’t even know where to start.  Below we’ve included what we feel is the most helpful tips for you to guide you through the beginning stages of getting your home back to its original state (or maybe even better!)

Estimating – this phase of the loss can sometimes be the most stressful and time-consuming, not to mention frustrating.  

  1. Your insurance company will send out an adjustor to review the loss and provide you with a line-item estimate and sometimes even provide you with a check that day
  2. Your insurance company will typically request you gather 3 bids for the project
  3. **This is important** Make sure the companies you have selected to come out and bid the project use the proper estimate program – Xactimate.  Most insurance companies do not accept generalized bids, they need to be very detailed!  This is also better for you as the homeowner so you know exactly what is being accounted for
  4. The waiting game: from here you submit either one bid (if you know which contractor you’d like to go with) or all three bids.  Your adjustor will review the bids and reach out to you with further information.
  5. **A lot of homeowners are worried their insurance company isn’t paying out enough for their claim** – Not to worry, here at Anderson Reconstruction we are proficient in estimating correctly and also reviewing our line-item estimate with your adjustor over the phone so we can come to an agreement regarding the funds for your repairs. 
  6. Flooring and material allowances – another cause for worry for homeowners is making sure they are getting the same quality of materials put back in that have been removed by the remediation company.  Make sure to mention to your adjustor that you would like an ITEL report for your flooring (carpet, laminate etc).  this is a sure way to know exactly how much your replacement flooring should be paid out for

Once all of the numbers have been agreed upon we’ll move on to the next phase which is getting the contract signed, sourcing our materials and scheduling the repairs to begin. Here at Anderson Reconstruction, we have an in-house crew of 10 which mean we can handle everything from the insulation to tile work, plumbing, flooring, cabinetry, finish details and everything in between.  Rather than having to stress over hiring multiple companies to complete the job we can take care of it from start to finish leaving you at ease. 

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