Water Damage Repair/Restoration

Water damage can originate from a leaky roof  or sewer back up, but most often from a broken pipe or water supply line running to sinks, toilets, ice makers, washing machines and the list goes on. The most severe water damage seems to occur when you’re away from home.

Depending on the duration of the leak or back up it can be as simple as removing the wet flooring, vacuum up the remaining water and installing drying equipment.   Multi-floor floods originating on the upper floors can be catastrophic, damaging the areas below and continue for a longer period before the damage is noticed. Either way with small water damage or a larger floods time is of the essence. Depending on the length of time before the water is noticed and the time of year, mold can become another problem, not just having the mold but your insurance coverage, which may or may not cover mold. Depending on the situation mold can start to develop in less than three days and you might be unaware of its existence. Mold needs three essentials to develop a host; such as drywall, wood framing or base boards and an absence of light.

Most people might not be aware of mold because it hides in the areas that we cannot see; this is why you need the trained professionals at Anderson Reconstruction to quickly and properly evaluate the situation. Upon discovering the water and or flood first turn off your water, if it’s from a water supply or pipe. If the water is from a sewer back up call your local fire department and try to stay out of the home. The contents of the backup can cause serious illness and entering should be left to the professionals who are trained and properly equipped to enter the structure. If you enter the structure and can visible see mold, please stay out. Some mold spore can cause serious respiratory problems and illness especially if your immune system is compromised. If you walk in on a water damage that has just occurred gather any items sitting on the floor and move them to tables or beds to prevent further damage, water is very destructive and it doesn’t take long before family items can be ruined.

As with a fire call your Insurance Company immediately, time is of the essence. Next call Anderson Reconstruction for immediate response to your leak, flood or sewer back up and we will take over from there.

Below are a few steps we take to secure your property and walk you through the water damage repair, restoration process.

  • Assess the severity of the situation; determine if the damage is fresh, grey or black water.
  • Remove contents or relocate as the situation requires.
  • Set up de-humidification equipment and extract any sitting water.
  • Test surfaces for asbestos, lead and mold before any invasive measures.
  • Set up containment areas if possible to minimize the travel of mold, lead or asbestos.
  • Meet with you and your insurance carrier, create a detailed estimate of the visible damages and if deemed necessary bring in an accredited hygienist to create the protocol for the steps needed for the remediation of mold, lead and or asbestos.

These are the first steps of the fire damage restoration process and Anderson Reconstruction will be at your side to answer questions and guide you through this difficult time.