Rancho Cucamonga Water Damage and Remodel

What A transformation! After an unfortunate run in with a leaky dishwasher, this Rancho Cucamonga homeowner was faced with water damage affecting their floors, walls, cabinets, and counters. Though they weren’t exactly expecting to redo their entire kitchen, this water damage allowed for a great opportunity to brighten and update their space! After the demo, the home owners were left with a bare-bones kitchen, damaged slate and wood floors, torn up carpet and missing drywall. We started this renovation by patching up the drywall. Next, we had to find matches for the damaged slate and wood pieces throughout the lower levels of the hours. This step is often difficult, as many homeowners may not know the exact style, name, or even where the flooring was purchased. We have also found that sometimes, even in recent homes that have been developed, the flooring may not even be manufactured anymore. Luckily, we work with some amazing vendors that are often able to help us find replacement pieces for damaged floors, which ends up keeping cost (and stress!) down for homeowners. Our friend Sam at Floor Décor helped us find perfect matches for both the slate and wood floors in this home! After finishing the floors, we brightened up the space by repainting the dark beige walls a clean and modern shade of light gray. In the kitchen, we replaced the dark alder cabinets with contemporary shaker style cabinets. We replaced the outdated, busy granite counter top with a simple and stylish gray quartz. To compliment the elegant and stylish countertops and shaker cabinets, the homeowner chose a unique, satin-finished marble slab for their freshly painted island! Finally, we installed under cabinet lighting and two pendant lights over the beautifully updated island. With the help of the homeowners, this space went from track home to homerun, and we couldn’t be happier!