Hacienda Heights Water Damage

This kitchen remodel was the result of an unfortunate water damage which flooded most of the downstairs of the home.  Our scope of work consisted of not only putting the home back together, but also adding a few awesome upgrades which added to the overall value.  This homeowner, like many before her wanted to get her out dated kitchen remodeled.  So, we gutted what cabinets were left by the dry down company and rebuilt the frames and ordered new doors and drawer fronts.  Since we were removing the old cabinets it only made sense to tear out the tile floor and replace it with a beautiful and neutral Travertine in an off-set pattern layout.  The homeowner chose a rich stain for her new cabinets which was composed by our in-house paint specialist.  We also got rid of the fluorescent lighting and put in recess lights along with crown molding to really bring the update full circle.  One decision this homeowner had a difficult time making was the countertop selection.  She liked the appearance of marble but knew that was not an idea countertop for the kitchen.  She didn’t like the busyness of granite and also didn’t like the Quartz options either.  In the end, she decided to go with a Quartzite, which is beautiful!  The photos below really don’t do it justice.  She also went with lighting inside the upper cabinets in the bar, with rain glass doors.  After adding additional under cabinet lighting throughout the kitchen this ended up as a full on overhaul!  Needless to say, this homeowner is in love with her new kitchen and we couldn’t be happier either.

Fun Fact:  Marble is a beautiful stone but it is not very durable.  If you are set on using a marble counter top in your kitchen please keep in mind that it is susceptible to staining from coffee and its surface can even be eaten away by fruits high in acidity.  Unlike many other stones, marble also needs to be polished every couple of years due to the wear and tear it endures.