Property Damage caused by a Vehicle

A vehicle striking your home or business is more common than you would think. Most often I hear that the driver thought they were stepping on the brake and were actually stepping on the gas, this is where the panic and confusion set in and usually leads to further damage. Typically the vehicle damage will compromise or severely damage the supporting members of the home or business and this is where Anderson Reconstruction’s trained professionals come in. Our technicians will assess the damage and surrounding areas to look for the not so obvious structural trauma. After assessing the property damage,  Anderson Reconstruction will aid in removing the vehicle from the structure and begin the temporary shoring process to ensure the structure is safe and secure. Below are some of the services Anderson Reconstruction will perform for you after the incident.

  • Aid in removal of vehicle
  • Assess the damage and fabricate the temporary framing to insure safety for you and your home
  • Clean and remove any debris
  • Board up any openings that might have been involved
  • Restore electrical as needed
  • Install temporary security fencing
  • Prepare a detailed repair estimate for you and your insurance company
  • Meet with the local building department and engineer to insure all codes and regulations are met
  • Completely restore your property to pre loss condition

Let Anderson Reconstruction be your trusted partner throughout the Vehicle Damage restoration process.